GUMPstir has the POWERFUL INTERNET RESTAURANT MARKETING TOOLS available today for your restaurant and... your restaurant only needs 15 minutes a week of GUMPstir time to increase your restaurant's bottom line profits. Take a tour of all the GUMPstir Marketing Tools available and make a decision for yourself. Compare GUMPstir with ALL the other choices... and you will appreciate the powerful differences. Custom design your OWN marketing strategy using all or only portions of GUMPstir. You are in charge! REGISTER TODAY... It's FREE to register and FREE to use.


Members can convert their GUMP Points to your restaurant's GUMPrewards at any time with their computer or cell phone. Your Restaurant's GUMPrewards give the GUMPstir member a powerful incentive to dine at YOUR restaurant. A cell phone marketing program for your restaurant is the strongest Internet strategy for your restaurant... as your patrons can discover your restaurant at any time with their cell phones. You can assign multiple PLU's for your 3 promotions and the GUMPrewards will contain your PLU. Promotion value can either be a percentage, dollar or a specific description (such as purchase $60.00 or more with 2 people and receive a free dessert).


GUMPstir also has a powerful incentive program to encourage people to bring additional friends to your restaurant. You have the ability to create a benefit for friends to bring additional friends to dine with them at the same time.


GUMPstir provides your restaurant with powerful FASTtrack marketing reports to analyze your promotions and to give you the ability to change your marketing strategy.


GUMPstir provides your restaurant with a powerful way to promote your specials with reports to analyze your specials... and to give you the ability to change your marketing strategy. You can also create GUMPstir ONLY specials only available for GUMPstir members (for even a stronger marketing campaign). Members can also boast I'M HERE at your restaurant to all your friends and GUMPstir Members that you are eating at one of your favorite restaurants.. and at the same time see the restaurant's daily specials.


Your restaurant is marketed to trade shows and festivals in your area to promote your restaurant to the new visitors who can dine at your restaurant.


GUMPstir can accommodate any number of chain restaurants. If your company has 10, 20 or thousand's of locations... GUMPstir's chain software can help you setup your locations extremely easily. If your company has a combination of multiple themes along with multiple chains... GUMPstir's chain software can help you setup your multiple chains, too. You have immediate control of your GUMPrewards all across your chain locations.


Your restaurant can also offer a chance to win appetizers, desserts, drinks and more with GUMPspin. This gives your restaurant a competitive advantage in the marketplace and also increases your check average and bottom line profits. The patron has to order and eat the promotion before using GUMPspin to see if that promotion is won.


GUMPtarget is a revolutionary type of restaurant marketing. In the past, you would have to collect names, email addresses, maintain email lists, create your own advertising and marketing campaigns. With GUMPtarget, all that work and effort is gone. No email addresses and no names. You now have the capability to market your restaurant to the people who are in your area (grid, zip code, state) as well as who are visiting your area, even before they reach your city. You can also target people's birthdays in your area, target members who have redeemed for your GUMPrewards as well as the people who have said "YOUR RESTAURANT IS A FAV IT OF MINE." Each different GUMPtarget is custom, color coded for easy identification.



Set up Social Dining Events for your restaurant (breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner). There are a limited amount of reservations for each event and the price increases each time someone makes a reservation. Each Dining Social Event fills in your slow times at your restaurant. Social Dining Events also bring in new patrons who have never eaten at your restaurant. There are 2 types of SOCIAL DINING EVENTS: Individual and Groups and the meal can either be served family style or individually.

Group Dining Can Be Available Too.

Create the menu for the event.

The patrons receive a confirmation and they can even invite their friends.

The patrons and the restaurant can view who is attending the Social Dining event.

And... Your restaurant can even send out Thank You GUMPmail.

Discussion topics have been added to the very popular GUMPstir Social Dining Events. The goal of GUMPstir Social Dining Discussion Topics is to combine a great dining experience with high energy conversation of a topic that is interesting for the people who have decided to join that particular social dining event. Discussion group conversation topics can range from: life, health, business, sports team, town issues, book reviews, business, outdoor adventure and much more. There is a facilitator who will dine and lead the discussion topic at each GUMPstirSocial Dining Discussion event. GUMPstir Social Dining Discussion Events are limited to only10 reservations (so everyone has a chance to participate).


Your restaurant has the opportunity to participate in the daily and weekly GUMPstir challenges in your area. The GUMPstir challenges give your restaurant maximum marketing exposure to the members in your area during the challenge as your banner is the ONLY restaurant banner seen by members in your area. Your restaurant can also set up a GUMPstir Challenge Party to increase dining at your restaurants. Contact GUMPstir directly for additional information on restaurant challenges and a GUMPstir Challenge Party.

Here is a photograph of the You Need Pie Cafe' setting up their GUMPstir Challenge Party on an iPad.


Your restaurant profile includes important, helpful information to market your restaurant to new patrons (and to old patrons): Bar, Reservations, Type Of Food, Map, Parking, Video (optional), Average Meal Cost, Payment Options, Directions, Website Link, Overview, Contact, Address, Telephone #, Reviews, etc.

COOL Rewards

There are 2 types of COOL Rewards available for members: COOL Badge Rewards & COOL Frequent Rewards. The higher the number of Badge level and Frequent Dining Level, the higher number of rewards available for each member. The COOL Rewards help market your restaurant and also give your restaurant a competitive advantage.


Members can boast that your restaurant is a FAV of mine with FAV IT. Your restaurant can award special GUMP VALUES for being a FAV of your restaurant.


Your patrons or you can report at a great time at your restaurant instantly with a cell phone and upload a photograph of the moment, too.